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Lens Test! (Rokinon vs Leica)

I’ve been contemplating upgrading my lenses from the Rokinons to Leicas. I invited William, a local AC, over to help me to do some tests on his lenses. I probably could have done something a bit more scientific. If nothing else, I definitely need to invest in a good light meter. I tested 4 different […]

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Light Test! (Diva vs Dracast vs Quasar vs IceLight)

This is my first go at doing a standardized light test. I personally own 4 types of lighting fixtures and I wanted to do a test for color rendering and quality of light. The lighting kits I have include: Kino Diva 415 w/ flozier (no honeycomb) Dracast LED1000 w/ Chimera (set to 40% intensity) QuasarScience 4ft […]

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Submarine Song

I shot this video during the peak summer days of July 2016. I had just bought my Ronin and was still getting used to the mechanics of carrying that extra weight around. My friend James wanted to experiment with filming him singing the song at 2x speed like the Weezer video by Spike Jonze. We […]

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Company Values

Quid Values

This was a refreshing project because the client allowed me to unleash my inner hipster. We shot slightly overexposed against a white wall and promted the company employees to speak to the core values. These projects can be very fun but also exhausting. By the end of the day you feel like you’ve turned your brain […]

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Energous: Wireless Charging

Product videos like this can be challenging because of the technical aspects to the storytelling. Its important that the actors use the device clearly and correctly. Its a big help if the client is present on set to ensure everything is performed to branding and engineering standards. This spot was produced and edited by Filmless.

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Virool: Grow Your Brand

This was my first big green screen project. Coming from a documentary background, the technical aspects of filming for VFX was challenging but I’m proud of how the final product turned out. This was easily one of my favorite projects from 2016. This spot was produced and edited by Filmless.

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