Quid Values

This was a refreshing project because the client allowed me to unleash my inner hipster. We shot slightly overexposed against a white wall and promted the company employees to speak to the core values. These projects can be very fun but also exhausting. By the end of the day you feel like you’ve turned your brain inside out because you’ve just asked 30 people to define teamwork and innovation. But when you stitch it all together, it can make for a fun video.

This style of white background is different from the infinite white popularized by Apple commercials because its a bit “dirty” or grey. I wasn’t going for a perfect white. The result is easy on the eyes and the skin tones really pop out. I boosted the contrast in post production to add drama to the highlights and shadows. I also increased the saturation to give it a filmic feel. For a final touch, I layers some warm ‘light leak‘ effects which spill across the frame and break up the jump cuts a bit.