Eric The Painter

I met Eric de Barros along 16th street, painting one of the Victorian houses. I took a seat next to him and just watched him paint. Inspired, I asked if I could make a film about him. That evening, we met up down by the Ferry Building and I watched him paint the view of […]

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Untitled Beach Scene II

I took an experimental filmmaking class in 2013. I did this video as an assignment. I hired the model from Craigslist and shot it on my Sony NEX-VG10 and a borrowed Glidecam 1000.

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Documentary, Music

Tommy Dean & Friends

Tommy Dean & Friends was my first film and probably the most pure documentary work I will ever do.  It was a straightforward production of a man with a video camera.  The product that came out of that adventure is a window into the life of singer songwriter Tommy Dean but also a document of […]

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