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Customer Testimonial, Education

What Makes Santa Clara University Awesome?

Students and alumni share, in their own words, what made their experience at Santa Clara’s Leavey School Of Business special. Producing customer testimonial videos is always a balance between producing content that is compelling to your audience of prospective customers and being overly disruptive (in a bad way) on your current customer’s lives. In this […]

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Corporate, Customer Testimonial

Kaiser Permanente on Corporate Edge

The trick to successful customer testimonial videos is finding customers who are passionate about your brand and that their excitement reads on camera as authentic and compelling. It usually comes down to the video producer or interviewer’s relationship to the testimony giver. That is, is the interviewer able to control the tone of the conversation […]

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Commercial, Music

Staypineapple: Naked Experience

This was my first time collaborating with a dance choreographer and a dog handler. I was thankful production booked an extra planning day for us because my dancers and canine talent  needed some time to get to know the space. I also rented a Dana Dolly give some camera motion as we followed the dancers […]

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Big City Hoax by Jean Jackets

We just wanted to make a grungy vintagy throwback feely music video. Millhows and I threw back a couple cold horchatas, played around in the studio for a bit before heading out to adventure around the city.

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Corporate, Event

Beyond the Hype at Dreamforce 2017

Bluewolf approached me about coordinating a crew and filming magazine content for Dreamforce 2017. It was a week long event with tons of keynotes and interviews. This video was produced and edited in house by the Bluewolf team.

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