Alan & Amber

This vignette is from a feature length documentary project titled Storm Surge about communities and development in the wake of epic disaster. Alan is John Gooding‘s son. Here, I found him and Amber (his girlfriend at the time) enjoying an easy Saturday afternoon.Alan & AmberWhen making personal documentaries about people’s lives, I try to maintain a heightened awareness of the personal boundaries that my subjects allow me to cross for the sake of producing a film. Being a documentary filmmaker has given me this bizarre ticket of opportunity to walk into people’s lives and experience things that I would otherwise be unable to experience.

[youtube_sc url=AWQWjX-W4KQ width=495]

In making these films, I turn myself into that guy at the party who takes license to invite everyone he knows to come with him.  I have to remind myself constantly if this is something for the camera to see or is this a moment intended for just me?  One hand, I don’t want to miss anything.  On the other hand, I don’t want to be that guy who is only there to take a picture.  So there is a balance.