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What Makes Santa Clara University Awesome?

Students and alumni share, in their own words, what made their experience at Santa Clara’s Leavey School Of Business special. Producing customer testimonial videos is always a balance between producing content that is compelling to your audience of prospective customers and being overly disruptive (in a bad way) on your current customer’s lives. In this […]

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Kaiser Permanente on Corporate Edge

The trick to successful customer testimonial videos is finding customers who are passionate about your brand and that their excitement reads on camera as authentic and compelling. It usually comes down to the video producer or interviewer’s relationship to the testimony giver. That is, is the interviewer able to control the tone of the conversation […]

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Proctor & Gamble using Salesforce

This was my first time with the Red Epic and Sony A7S package. We wanted something to shoot 4k and 120-240fps slow motion. P&G had a lot of proprietary technology they wanted to keep secret so our cinematic focus was pointed more at the factory workers working together and the parade of products on the […]

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