DC Tattoo

Sometimes I do projects just for fun. DC Tattoo is a small business located in Daly City. I brought my Rokinon 100 Macro to get close up detail shots and used my Dracast 1000 with soft chimera to get the best skin tones.

I was nervous, going in, about the skin looking good. Typically, we use makeup to cover any blemishes, but when documenting a medical procedure such as creating a tattoo, there isn’t much you can do. Good lighting helps. Full spectrum light such as sunlight is ideal. The florescent lights commonly found in tattoo parlors is probably the worst. An Arrisun HMI would be ideal, but they tend to be hot, dissruptive to working environments, and take up a large footprint.  My Dracast LED1000 doesn’t put out nearly enough light, but its lightweight, easily maneuverable and best of all, relatively affordable.