Letter Day at Copperfields

I cannot stress enough the importance of making partners in this industry.  Dom Portalla is my man in Boston.  Sometimes I work for him and sometimes I bring him on projects to help me out.  Neither one of us are the type of guys to sit around and wait for the phone to ring so we’ll meet up and shoot something just for fun.

This is Letterday.  The singer pictured below, Antonio Cinelli later starred in Dom’s short film titled Review.  So this was our way of saying thanks for all his hard work.
From a technical aspect, this project was a bit of an experiment.  I shoot primarily with my NEX-VG10 and Dom has the Canon 60D DSLR.  We wanted to see how the two cameras edit together.  When I look at the footage, I can see the difference.  I don’t think I would want to mix these two cameras in any other environment but for concert videos I think it is acceptable.  For a wedding client, I would certainly consider renting another camera so we can match in post.