Storm Surge Trailer

[ylwm_vimeo height=”270″ width=”495″]46911568[/ylwm_vimeo]

Storm Surge is a feature length documentary project produced by Stacy Noland and directed by B Dahlia.  It tells the story of communities in redevelopment following devastating disaster.  In addition to interviewing survivors of natural disasters, tornadoes and hurricanes, we also investigated the long lasting effects the deepwater oil-spill had on the economies and physical health and of surrounding communities.Beach & SailboatNearly every interview was performed using only natural light.  The only exception being the interview pictured below with Reverend Doctor Kelvin Croomb.  We bounced a small work-light off the ceiling to help illuminate the small prayer room in the chapel where we filmed the interview.Reverend DoctorNot included in the trailer is this shot of a hermit crab on the shore of Cat Island.  We chose to exclude him from the final cut because he didn’t really fit the rhythm of the piece.  But I like the shot so I decided to include it here.


Co-edited with B Dahlia.  Audio mixing and mastering by Bruno Modolo