Small Business

Sudden Impact

My profession gives me opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people. And Frank was a pleasure to hang out with. He told me about how he breeds dogs for hunting. Frank’s Windshield Repair & Bloodhound Kennel sounds like a Tom Wait’s song doesn’t it? And like me, his profession allows for him to meet […]

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Padron Peppers

I love making food videos and my friend Carolin at Harvest Vine is happy to have me come film her restaurant. I made my first videos in this restaurant and when I’m visiting Seattle, I always make a point to drop in. Sometimes I’ll make a video just for fun. Original music by Dan Roeder.

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Carolin & Her Sweet Buns

I was a patron of Harvest Vine long before I ever made a movie with Carolin.  I was having brunch there with my girlfriend a while back and we noticed that Carolin was asking patrons on Facebook to supply video content.  I offered up my services and we have since made four videos together. The […]

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Personality, Small Business

Emerson Hair

This was my first paid project. My neighbor at the time was then the owner of Emerson Salon on Capitol Hill in Seattle. All I had was a DVX200 or similar camera. I didn’t have any lights or professional microphones so I used natural light and for the voice over, I had Rusty hold the […]

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